Cellogica Review: Scam, Anti-Aging Skin Care Solution


Cellogica: A Miracle to Reverse Sign of Aging

Do you want to hide your skin’s signs of aging? We have introduced the advanced skin repairing and skin anti-aging cream.
This cream use stem cell procedure to enhance skin hydration by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging signs. By using Cellogica day and night creams you can repair your skin and gains the benefit of anti-aging results.

What does Cellogica includes

Its ingredients are made up of stem cells of Swiss apples. Function of stem cells helps to keep the skin young and glowing. Cellogica is made up of various ingredients:
SynColl:  This helps in improving the skin elasticity which is achieved by strengthening the collagen production.


  • Syn Ake: There is one of the main ingredient as it is used for anti aging for skin. It produces chemicals that help the facial muscles to reduce wrinkles as the age increases.
  • Rona Flair LDP: This is used in various cosmetic items that contains mini microspheres that makes the skin smoother and glowing.
  • PhytoCellTec Alp Rose: This ingredient comes from Alpine Rose that helps in reducing the harshness of skin and provides it from Ultraviolet exposure.
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica: This ingredient is made up of the Swiss apple’s stem cells. It not only increases the longitivity of skin but it also helps to achieve the goal of skin radiance.SynColl:  This is a peptide that is used in Cellogica formulations with the goal of increasing skin elasticity. According to the company, this is achieved by boosting collagen production, to strengthen the skin’s support network.
  • Syn Ake: There is a variety of skin care brands that use this ingredient in their anti aging skin care formulation. Syn Ake is said to mimic muscle-paralyzing snake venom. By containing small amounts of this chemical in their formulations, Cellogica creams may be able to temporarily paralyze facial muscles responsible for expression wrinkles, like crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s the same basic premise as Botox, but with a topical application that uses a different muscle relaxant.
  • Rona Flair LDP: This is a cosmetic-type ingredient that consists of small microspheres that create the appearance of smoother skin texture when they are on the surface.
  • PhytoCellTec Alp Rose: Cellogica also includes a specialty ingredient created from the stem cells of Alpine Rose. Some skin care experts have shown interest in this flower because it is able to withstand harsh conditions of severe cold and UV exposure. The manufacturer claims that these stem cells can support the health of skin stem cells, when applied topically.
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica: This Cellogica ingredient is the most touted by the manufacturer. The compound is based on the stem cells of rare Swiss apples and is meant to boost the longevity of stem cells in human skin, to achieve skin radiance.

Cellogica Experience story

When we asked to Ms. Arohi for her experience regarding the use of Cellogica day and night cream:
AROHI: I am 56 years old. Few months before I used to stay upset due to my skin problems. There were lot of wrinkles on  my face and my face can tell anyone that I am turning towards the age of older people. My daughter used to pull my leg for uneven skin tone .
Then I start searching for the skin repairing cream where I found Cellogica to be the best product among its other supplements as it is made up of the stem cells of rare swiss apples. The best thing with this cream is that it has both night and day cream formula.


How do you apply it:

AROHI: I have applied it on my skin everyday and everynight. After 1 week I realized that it started working on my skin. After 1 month I can say that this is the best cream as it doesn’t have any side effects. It vanishes the wrinkles and evens my skin tone and texture. It also protects my skin from being tanned.
The main benefit that I have got from this cream is that now my skin says that I am not yet a old lady.My skin seems to be glowerer just like my daughter.

From where to buy Cellogica

If you would like to repair your skin then do purchase it from its official website. You need to register on its official website and buy the same.

How can we trust : Cellogica anti-aging cream

It is the trust worthy product as it is made up of natural swiss apple that keeps our skin fresh and wrinkle free. Its main advantage is that we proide you both night and day cream that  you need to apply once after you wake up and before you are going to bed. It is an anti-aging cream that has clinically proven ingredients like rare swissapple, Alpine rose etc. It make your skin more brighter than before and acne free. It enhances skin hydration which inturn means that it makes your skin smooth and makes it to appear like the skin of  young youths.

So, If you want fresh and young looking skin then don’t miss this product. Rush to its website and order it soon.


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